Class Descriptions

Kettlebell Conditioning – Group Class

Open to All FITNESS LEVELS and is a kettlebell conditioning based workout. All workouts can be tailored from beginner level to advanced kettlebell movements. Workout will also include body-weight, barbell, and circuit training skills. We strongly emphasize proper technique and skill through the following ways:

  • One on one skill training
  • Stability practice
  • Mobility practice/ assessment
  • Proper graduation to the next skill level to ensure a solid skill base

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We currently offer an open gym for powerlifting or independent workouts on Fridays from 6:30pm-8:00pm. We can also provide class time for someone who would like to work specifically with powerlifting after they have been cleared with a trainer. We are proud to say we are very strict on technique when it comes to barbell movements to prevent injury and ensure excellent form. You can expect the following from our lifting program:

  • Program Fit – when lifting with barbells it is absolutely crucial your program is a good fit for you as an individual and is in line with your overall goals.
  • Regular Technique Reviews – to ensure movements are being executed properly and lessen the risk for injury. Even the most experienced lifter can benefit from this.
  • Team Environment – we have several students that decide to compete in powerlifting, and they are the most supportive amazing people. We are always looking to add to our team.


Personal Training/ Custom Programs – One on One or Small Group

All three of our trainers currently offer personal training and specialty programs that can be custom tailored per the clients needs for an hourly fee. Please check with the trainer you wish to work with to check availability and for scheduling. The most popular programs that people request are:

  • Sport Training – specific to a certain skill, sport, or goal.
  • Private Training – one on one or small group training for more personal attention and skill development.
  • Nutrition Programs – tailored for a specific goal for the individual.
  • Hybrid Programs – Skill building training during class or done privately with take-home workouts.