Kettlebell Method Trainers

Sabra Epp
Owner/ Trainer
Hi there! My name is Sabra and I am absolutely addicted to kettlebells and various other heavy things. I am a certified RKC II, Olympic Lifting/ Powerlifting Coach, and Primal Move Instructor. I love combining different types of body-weight work, barbell, and kettlebell exercises to make the perfect customized training program for each individual. As a trainer and a trainee myself, I am completely fascinated by the work a body can do when it is trained properly, and that includes, in large part, the proper nutrition. Along with training your body with weights, I am always happy to help my clients find balance with their nutrition as well. I understand that finding what works is different for each individual and much of that is based on lifestyle and preferences. As your trainer I will be dedicated to helping you maximize the results you get with your body both inside and out.
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Kendra Spanjer
Instructor/ Artist Extraordinaire
On the advice of some friends in Minneapolis, my sister and I signed up for an introductory kettlebell class around Thanksgiving of 2013, and we never looked back. Over time, I knew I'd improve my ability to perform outside the gym—as a skier, a cyclist and a yogi—but what I didn't expect was that I'd become hooked on the training itself! kettlebells offer a balance of technique, strength and conditioning that engages my brain as well as my brawn, so in 2015 I decided to complete my RKC Level 1 and start sharing my skills with my class mates.
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Joe Defosset
Instructor in Training, Downhill Dominator
Joe is no stranger to kettlebells or their amazing benefits! He is however, new to instructing. Although he has been lifting and swinging bells for over 4 years, he is just recently beginning to teach! Joe is set to get his RKC certification in April of 2017! Joe is also a bike enthusiast. Living in Colorado makes it hard not to be of course. He is well rehearsed on what type of nutrition caters best to everything from road biking, cross country, and even down hill riding. Joe is definitely your guy if you are looking to up your bike-training relationship skills!
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Angela Clark
Kick Ass Trainer/ Gator Fan
Angela Clark is a new resident of Ft. Collins Colorado, moving all the way from Gainesville Florida! (Go Gators!) She, her husband, and four children are excited to be a part of this community. Angela began training and learning with kettlebells in 2007. She has transformed her health and wellness dramatically since then. She is proof that “Small Changes Over Time Lead to Dramatic Results!”- one motto that anchors her life. Angela has combined her background of Health Education with her ongoing training knowledge to encourage people to set and reach individual goals. In October 2015, she accomplished a longtime personal goal of training and completing her RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification). Since that time, she has successfully built a unique mobile personal training business- offering workouts for busy people at their homes or offices. Come join her and the other fantastic trainers at The Kettlebell Method.
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