The Kb method Memberships & Pricing

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At The Kettlebell Method we pride ourselves on being able to adapt any workout to any skill level. We want all of our members to grow and continue to gain strength and mobility in the safest possible environment. We are proud to say that we have between 2 and 3 RKC certified trainers on the floor at any given time so ensure movements are being done properly and all of our members are benefiting from the class.

We are currently offering your first month for $39 if you sign up for a year of unlimited classes.


Unlimited Membership – $75/ Month

Includes all of the kettlebell conditioning classes, open gym times, and Kettlebell Method conducted workshops. Your membership will include:

  • Skill building from the basics to advanced. We will make sure you are constantly progressing at your own pace in a safe and injury-free way.
  • Guided goal-oriented training. If you have a specific goal, i.e. weight loss, weight gain, strength gain, mobility, etc., we will make sure to tailor the class workouts so you can reach your personal goals.
  • Includes barbell/ powerlifting training.
  • nutrition counseling. Although we do offer custom nutrition plans for a fee, your membership will include nutrition guidance as well as nutritional workshops. We are always available to answer questions too.


5/ 10 Class Pack – $65/ $120

Either class pack will include all of the regular Kettlebell Conditioning classes, but will not include open gym times or special workshops.


Personal Training & Custom Programs – $50-$100/ Program

All three of our trainers currently offer personal training and specialty programs that can be custom tailored per the clients needs for an hourly fee. Please check with the trainer you wish to work with to check availability and for scheduling. The most popular programs that people request are:

  • Sport Training – specific to a certain skill, sport, or goal.
  • Private Training – one on one or small group training for more personal attention and skill development.
  • Nutrition Programs – tailored for a specific goal for the individual.
  • Hybrid Programs – Skill building training during class or done privately with take-home workouts.